UK Parking Management provides reliable and cost effective car park management solutions to businesses, organisations, landowners and tenants of private land across the UK to protect their private property and car parking facilities from unauthorised parking problems.

Our services is based on contractual law. By parking on a site, private land or a car park that we own or we have been contracted to manage the motorist is entering into a contract under the terms and conditions of our parking rules which is displayed on our legally worded parking notice signs. If a motorist choose to ignore our parking conditions displayed on our parking signs they will enter into a contract to pay a Parking Charge.


Trespass in English law is an area of tort law broadly divided into three groups: trespass to the person, trespass to goods and trespass to land. Trespassing laws prohibit parking on private property without the owners consent. A land owner or an occupier can legally issue an enforceable Parking Charge Notice to any unauthorised vehicle that is parked on their land or site without permission and collect damages. The land owner or the occupier can claim damages in the form of compensation regardless of whether actual loss or damages has taken place. They can do that by issuing a parking charge notice (PCN) to the unauthorised vehicle/driver.

Parking Charge Notice (PCN)
A parking charge notice (PCN) may be issued at the scene of the improper parking or, in certain circumstances, by post. If you wish to find out more about a Parking Charge Notice (PCN) then please visit please visit Citizen Advice website.

Lawful Issue
The collection procedures will be processed in accordance with the Administration of Justice Act 1970.

Protections of Freedoms Act 2012
Under the Protections of Freedoms Act 2012 the vehicle register keeper can now become liable for a parking charge notice if they refuse to provide the details of the offending driver.

The Independent Parking Committee (IPC) Approved Operators Scheme
The Independent Parking Committee (IPC) are the Accredited Trade Association in the Private Parking Sector.

The Data Protection Act
UK Parking Management are registered with The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) – Under the Data Protection Act 1988, we cannot disclose any information that we obtained from the DVLA and we cannot disclose the site/land owners details.

Parking Charge Notice Payments
The Parking Charge is a standardised £100 reduced to £60 if paid within 14 days. If the charge remains unpaid within 28 days, we can obtain the register keeper details from the DVLA and send a parking charge notice to the register keeper. For persistent of non payers, we work with one of the country’s leading debt recovery companies that specialise in collecting unpaid parking charge notices and have been very successful in obtaining county court judgment (CCJ’s) against the non-payers.

Appeals Procedures 
If you have received a parking charge notice from us and you believe that you should not have received the parking charge notice (PCN), you can submit an appeal to us either online via our Appeal Page or by post to our address, please note you must send your appeal by a recorded delivery. All appeal will be assist by our appeal team and the decisions are considered based on the evidence you have provided to us during your appeal submission. If you are unhappy with the outcome of the appeal you can appeal to The Independent Parking Committee (IPC) which are an independent service.

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