Manchester Airport

UK Parking Management and Enforcement last year successfully initiated court proceedings and enforcement actions against one of the Manchester Airport’s rogue Meet and Greet companies and its boss. 

After a long an intensive investigation and with the outstanding help of our professional team and their hard work, we toke legal actions against one of Manchester’s rogue ‘Airport Meet and Greet’ companies. 

Both PPS MANCHESTER LTD and its director Nabeel Khoury were successfully taken to court last year by us for dumping, parking and leaving unauthorised cars on our car parks and private land near Manchester Airport. These vehicles which belonged to the Manchester Airport customers were being dumped by a gang working for Nabeel Khoury and his company PPS Manchester Meet and Greet. 

Nabeel Khoury (right) and his team in action – the vehicle they often use

During a one-day trial hearing at County Court Manchester, CCTV/Camera footage were played for the District Judge which clearly shown Nabeel Khoury and his gang were bringing airport customers cars to one of our car parks and leaving with another vehicle only to return again with more cars. The Court awarded full judgement + costs against Nabeel Khoury and his company PPS Manchester Ltd. 

Nabeel Khoury and his company PPS Manchester Ltd was pretending to offer ‘secure’ Meet and Greet parking around Manchester Airport however instead he and his gang were leaving airport customers cars in our car parks, private lands and pub car parks in Wythenshawe – Manchester.

Nabeel Khoury
Nabeel Khoury – Credit: Manchester Evening News

Trading Standards Investigation

The rogue meet and greet boss was fined by magistrates after a council sting found a car in his firm’s care was parked on the streets around Manchester Airport.

In August 2018, Nabeel Khoury and his company were again taken to court however this time by the Trading Standard. 

Nabeel Khoury, director of PPS Manchester Ltd – which is not affiliated to the airport – was rumbled after Trading Standards officers placed a tracker in a car and pretended to be customers.

Officers claim the tracker showed the vehicle had been parked on Greenwood Road in Woodhouse Park, Wythenshawe – and not in a secure car park as advertised.

Both director Mr Khoury and his firm PPS Manchester Ltd were againt found guilty at Manchester magistrates court of ‘engaging in a misleading action’, under consumer protection laws. Total fines and costs came to £3,567.

Nabeel Khoury

Private Car Park Solutions

Parking management on private land can be very challenging. Considered by many to be fair game for abuse, here at UKPME we help you to ensure your rules are enforced and deter unauthorised parking on your land.

Solution to unauthorised parking on private property